The Ultimate Guide to Extend, Modify or remove the WordPress 3.1 Admin-Bar

Oh, already forgot this article in my drafts: Since WordPress 3.1, a lot of new cool features were added. One of the most hated loved ones is the admin-bar. In this article I will cover some of the basic hooks to modify it to suit your needs. Let’s go: How to Disable the Admin-Bar The […]

Get Accurate Script Execution Time in PHP

This small code can be quite helpful if you need to find out what is taking so long to load in your script(s). It will determine the time taken for your PHP script(s) to execute, accurate to 0.000000000000001 seconds. The Code // put this at the top of your page/script $exectime = microtime(); $exectime = […]

The F(ucking) U(ncrackable) E(ncryption) Function in PHP

I think following function doesn’t need any more description but the inline comments. The Function: // f(ucking) u(ncrackable) e(ncryption) function function fue($hash,$times){     // Execute the encryptions as many times as the user wants     for($i=$times;$i>0;$i–) {         // Encode with base64…         $hash=base64_encode($hash);       […]

Clean Up User-Input & Convert Line-Breaks To BR-tags

A simple PHP function to clean up user input. It does following: converts & to & converts to > converts “ to " and converts line-breaks to The Function: function clean($str) {     $str = preg_replace(’/&(?!#[0-9]+;)/s’, ‘&amp;’, $str);     $str = str_replace(array('< ‘, ‘>’, ‘"’), array(’&lt;’, ‘&gt;’, ‘"’), $str);     $str = […]